mimedefang-release - a tool to release quarantined email messages


mimedefang-release is a tool that permits to release quarantined messages or to attach the messages to a new email message.


mimedefang-release [options] <directory> ...


-a enable attach more, the released email will be sent as an attachment to the user.
-h display the help
-d path to the quarantined directory, it can be an absolute path or relative to MIMEDefang quarantine spool directory.
-s set a custom subject for the email, this option is valid only in attach mode.
-S specify an smtp server, in this mode the quarantined email will be delivered to the original user without modifications.
-t enable TLS when delivering the email in smtp mode.
-z compress the quarantined email using Archive::Zip. this option is valid only in attach mode.


mbox mode: mimedefang-release -s "Message Released" -a -z -d 2023-04-16-14/qdir-2023-04-16-14.36.05-001

smtp mode: mimedefang-release -S -d 2023-04-16-14/qdir-2023-04-16-14.36.05-001


mimedefang-release (8) was written by Giovanni Bechis <giovanni at>. The mimedefang home page is

SEE ALSO (8), mimedefang-filter (5), mimedefang (8), mimedefang-protocol (7), watch-mimedefang (8)